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    Bottom line...eSencia will always do what is right. Whether it's a matter of conflict checks, competitive pricing, or recommending ways to save money on your project, we will always deal honestly and fairly with our clients.

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    Selfless Services

    At eSencia, our clients come first. Regardless of the client or the size of the project the work will be delivered as promised, without exception or excuse. If that means working late nights and long weekends we will always go above and beyond.

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    Internally eSencia ensures all personnel are up to date on industry processes and trends. To our clients we provide free educational classes to assist in streamlining the E-Discovery process. Our in-house attorney also specializes in E-Discovery and is available to consult on whatever matters you may have.


Welcome To eSencia Discovery Inc

eSencia Discovery Inc. is a full service Litigation Support, Print Production, and Consulting Company. eSencia works with clients to reduce the cost of legal discovery by helping them understand the tools and technologies available for the collection, analysis and production of discoverable information. eSencia supports all major discovery software platforms and offers top notch online review and production tools for clients who do not currently have software for discovery. Throughout all we do, we strive to provide clients best in class technology and service at competitive prices


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